Ten years without Tim

Last Friday marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Tim Rosenthal – a man truly loved in the cartooning community (I’ve written about him here). I was at Ohio State University’s triennial Festival of Cartoon Art, a favorite event of Tim’s. I’ve been going since 1995 and almost always roomed with Tim (as well as Frank Mariani and Tim Akin).

The first year I went, Tim had to go to a business dinner on evening (he was there on business for his employer American Color, after all) and he felt bad leaving me and Frank on our own, but we assured him we’d be fine. Before we took, off Tim’s dinner date Amy Lago (then comics editor of United Media, now of the Washington Post Writers Group) showed up and invited us to come along. At dinner she even asked to see our work, which blew us away.

On Friday Jeff Keane (Family Circus), Rick Stromoski (Soup to Nuts), Tom Richmond (MAD), Mark Parisi (Off the Mark) and I toasted Tim’s memory with our pops (as they say in western NY state) while having lunch at Five Guys.

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