Tim Rosenthal

My new book finally showed up on my doorstep on Friday and I’m really thrilled with it. I’m not really ready to officially unveil it yet (need to get all the Paypal stuff set up) but I did want to mention the dedication, especially today. One of the people it’s dedicated to is my friend Tim Rosenthal who died on this date in 2000 from Scleroderma, a chronic connective tissue disease. He was 44.

Tim was one of the cartooning “greats” although he wasn’t a cartoonist. He was the “cartoonist liaison” (for lack of a better term) for American Color which handles just about all the Sunday comics color work. There wasn’t a “stripper” that he didn’t work with, help or gently encourage as deadlines whizzed by. He did a tireless amount of work for the National Cartoonists Society and was awarded the Silver T-Square in 1997 as a result. And he did a spectacular amount of work with our little podunk cartoonist group chartering it as the Upstate New York Chapter of the NCS (after I conned him into taking the reigns from me.) In his memory the award for outstanding service on the chapter level is called the Tim Rosenthal Award.

Of course, the greatest measure of a person is how they are as a friend, and Tim was indeed a great friend to me and to dozens of other cartoonists. I’m honored to have known him. His is still missed and loved.


It would come as no surprise that one of Tim’s passions was collecting original cartoon art. To make it a bit more challenging, he tried to collect art with “character crossovers” – in other words, where a character from another feature appeared. Here’s a link to a recreation of “Can They Do That?”, the site he put up when he was alive.


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