The ballad of man-babies. 

At the end of every year MAD Magazine publishes the MAD 20 – the twenty stupidest people, events, etc. of the last twelve months. So, sometime in the summer they start soliciting ideas from their writers. Below is a song parody I wrote that didn’t get picked. (Such is the life of a freelancer.) It ain’t great, but here it is anyway:


(a parody by John Kovaleski, based on the song by Ray Parker Jr, ripped-off from a song by Huey Lewis)
If there’s something strange

Threatening your childhood,

Bet you’re going to bawl!

A remake with girls?

That’ll never be good,

On the web you’ll scrawl,

I ain’t afraid to boast,

In hateful comments that I post.
If misogyny is running through your head.

Chicks got such gall!

An invisible fear spewed out in threads.

They ain’t got no balls!

I ain’t afraid to be gross,

Cuz my opinions matter the most.

They don’t need an overhaul!

We know you’re all alone,

While you bitch and moan,

Yet you’re still gonna see


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