FF – Fotographical Friday: This Old (Dead Cartoonist’s) House

Being a cartoonist, there ain’t a ton of pilgrimages you can take related to your vocation, let alone ones that are close by. But there is one a just few hours from my folks’ house. 
A few weeks ago, as I was driving the six hours tween their house and mine, I decided to take a small detour to Horseheads, NY – home of early 1900s cartoonist Eugene “Zim” Zimmerman. Never heard of him? Back in the day he worked for both Punch and Judge magazine, and even had his own correspondence school! (Exclamation point is for cartooning nerds only. The rest of you civilians can just role your eyes.) 

Upon her death, Zim’s daughter left his house and all his artwork to the Horseheads Historical Society. Since this is a small town, the Historical Society has rather limited hours – and the hour I was there was not one of them. But that was ok – I’d been there before. It was just nice to walk around, take a few photos, and suck in the history of those who came before me. 
Here’s a link if you’d like more info:


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