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Studio tour part 4 – Effigies

September 21, 2009

You’d think that by the number of representations of myself in my studio that I’m some sort of egotist, but really, it’s not my fault.


This is a bobble head that my friend Chuck Gamble made of/for me on the occasion of my 40th birthday. Because of some painting/curing problem it was sticky for, oh, about five years until I found some sealant to spray on it.


Another birthday present. This is a marionette my then girlfriend/now wife made for me. (This was a year after she made a Muppet-like puppet of her roommate for his birthday.)


OK, so this one I did have something to do with. This is a self-caricature I did while working for Xerox (my last real job). I came back from vacation to find that my friend Scooty had made a mobile out of it. (I think he may have also wallpapered my cubicle with Cheap Trick lyrics.)