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Thursday is the new Sunday – Goodbye

January 28, 2010

The Sunday strip rerunning on today is one that I remember my editor, the long-suffering Amy, had some reservations about because it’s a downer. I said I wanted it to be.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Make like a tree..

January 14, 2010

I like the gag in the Sunday rerunning on today but I’m not so sure about the way I laid it out. I needed a close-up of Bo looking at the stapled leaf, but maybe it needed to be seen in the establishing scene as well.

The unseen-until-now drop panel (above) is a mess. The falling leaves aren’t the shape of leaves – it looks like it’s raining hot dogs*. The concept with Bo at the bottom was a white silhouette knocked out of the leaves. I remember thinking that it didn’t “read” as Bo so I added some shading. That ended up making it look like Bo was covered with snow.

* not that that’s bad thing

Thursday is the new Sunday – Extra! Extra!

January 7, 2010

When I re-read the Sunday running on today I imagined the thought that must of gone through the mind of my long-suffering, then-editor Amy when she first saw it. It was probably something like, “Oh no, he’s doing it again. He’s over-writing.” I don’t remember if she actually did talk to me about it then – she had mentioned so many times before she may have thrown up her hands and let me have my way. She knew what I would usually say – “I want a lot of words. I want the guy to be a blowhard.”

When I was writing Bo I would rarely write Sunday strips specifically – if a strip needed more room than a daily would allow, it became a Sunday. Often times the set-up of the situation was rather complex, and might take a lot of words to get it across. That was probably the case here, but I do like the way it comes off. What makes it work for me is the first panel. I could have put some of the verbiage there to spread it out a bit but the guy’s blowhardedness works better because nothing is happening in the first panel. He just bursting with the overwhelming need to talk about himself to the point that in the second panel he starts off with, “You’re probably wondering…” even though Bo wasn’t noticing him at all. A true narcissist.

In the unseen-until-now drop panel (above), Bo ties one on. (Har.)

Thursday is the new Sunday – Playground

December 31, 2009


The “Was he a mummy?” line is what makes the Sunday strip rerunning on for me.

In the drop panel above, Bo needs a date for New Year’s Eve.

MADly rejected -Bracelet fever

December 22, 2009

Journey to the center of my sketchbook – MAD 20

December 21, 2009

The end of the year always brings a fresh crop of stupidity from the last 12 months in the form of MAD Magazine’s MAD 20. In 2006 I sketched out the above idea, fully aware that an illustrator more talented then I would do the final art. Mark Fredrickson was that illustrator. Made me want to break all my pencils.

You can download the poster – all legal and everything – here.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Brick…house!

December 17, 2009


The Sunday strip rerunning on today shows Mrs. Yannes in the full-bloom of bonkerness.

The drop panel above is a tribute to the amazing Krazy Kat.

Dept. of Too-Much-About-Me – Part 1

December 14, 2009

Here’s an on-line chat I did with the Washington Post in March of 2004 – about 10 months after Bo Nanas was launched.

(Actually, there is no “Part 2.” I was going to post a link to an interview – in Spanish – that was done for a newspaper when I visited Paraguay a couple of years ago, but it’s no longer on the web. Consider yourself lucky.)

Thursday is the new Sunday – Family ties

December 10, 2009

The Sunday strip rerunning on today features all the members of my family. Here’s the scorecard:

1 my nephew Mathew, 2 my brother Jay, 3 my nephew Thomas, 4 my sister-in-law Kelly, 5 my mom Elaine, 6 sister-in-law Bettina, 7 my sister Lori, 8 my niece Michayla, 9 my dad Jack, 10 my nephew Nick, 11 my niece Brittney (yep, I named Brittney of the Squirrel Scouts after her), 12 my mother-in-law Nancy, 13 my father-in-law Ron, 14 me, 15 my wife Jocelyn.

BTW, “Swiggaleski” is the combo of mine and my wife’s last names.

HOLIDAY SALE – 30% off all Bo Nanas books

November 30, 2009

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