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Dept. of gift ideas – Pet cartoons

December 8, 2009

Bart & Pete enjoying their chow

My buddy, illustrator Bucky Jones, has a great gift idea – personalized pet cartoons. You can find out all about it at

The Lord and his humble servants

It’s beginning to look a lot like… (Part 1)

December 2, 2009

This year, like last, I did special artwork to count down to Christmas for the Gettysburg Times (the only newspaper in the world where Bo Nanas is still printed). I’ll run them every Wednesday until the big day.

FREE Bo Nanas holiday greeting card

December 1, 2009

Who says that we’re a paperless society? Not me. And to prove it I’m gonna send you a free Bo greeting card to print out and send to your friends the old fashioned way – non-electronically.

Here’s the front of the card. The inside says, “May the season bring you big, unwieldy boxes of holiday cheer.”

All you have to do is e-mail me and I’ll send you the pdf. It’s as easy as falling off a Christmas tree.

(For personal use only.)

HOLIDAY SALE – 30% off all Bo Nanas books

November 30, 2009

Got people on your gift list that you have no idea what to get? Why not give the gift of monkey? Both Bo Nanas books are 30% off until December 31, 2009 …and are signed with a sketch, too. Click here. (Payment is by PayPal, then 30% will be refunded. Please contact me about shipping outside the US.)

Department of Ooops

November 3, 2009

Super fan Dorian pointed out that there is a spectacular mistake in the strip on today. Take a peek at it. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

(Emoticon of me whistling.)

Did you see it? (You’re disqualified if you read down to the comments since the answer is there.)

Happy new year…again…part 3

March 24, 2009

Bo is continuing  to knock on apartment doors looking for the place he’s supposed to be waitering at for New Years Eve. In the strip rerunning today he is mistaken for a babysitter. One of the readers on commented (speaking as Bo):

“and my references are that i worked in the tot corral at the mall”

He (or she) is referring to Bo working as a Christmas elf in the mall’s day care center just a week before. I would love to say this was some master plan I had cooked up, but until it was pointed out  today, it had never occurred to me.

>Sigh< Another great opportunity lost.

Thursday is new Sunday – Merry Christmas

March 19, 2009


I blame daylight savings time for the Christmas strip rerunning today on You know what they say: ” Fall back. Spring ahead nine months.”

The drop panel above is your garden-variety holiday head peek.

Name game

March 17, 2009

With the Christmas strips winding down on, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the Mall Elves. When I came up with the character of Bo (here’s the heartwarming “Birth of Bo” story) the first thing I thought of was making him a Christmas elf in some sort of shopping situation. It would obviously fit into his skill set of being short. (And, yes, there was probably some inspiration in David Sedaris’s experiences as an elf at Macy’s. Not familiar? Click here.)

And I wanted him to have some co-workers. One of the first gags was about their names not being elfish names like “Jingles.” But what names to give them? Well, I have a bunch of friends with normal but cool names – Gavin, Ian, Nigel and Omri (OK, the last one is out of the ordinary) – why not use them? And not just their names, but their faces as well? So I added their features onto my standard elf oval-shaped head a la Mr Potato Head. (You can see them all here. From left to right – Nigel, Gavin. Omri and Ian.) The boys loved it.

My plan was to do the Mall Elf thing every holiday season. The first year was just random mall/elf/kids/shopping gags with no real theme. The second was about a mall day care (rerunning right now). In the third all the elves and Santa got sick so Bo had to be Santa. For the last year of the strip I did an elf strike (with elf strike breakers and everything) told as a version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” That’s four years. I’m not sure how much longer I could have done it without it becoming tedious (if it hadn’t already).

Nearly no Bo

March 11, 2009


Remember back a month ago when I mentioned a strip that may have been the only “Bo Nanas” strip that didn’t show Bo? Well, it almost happened again in the Christmas Elves/Mall Daycare storyline rerunning on The strip that’s on the site today was the revision – the original is above. My editor thought, rightly so, that it had “child abduction” stamped all over it. So I added Bo in the first panel (and dropped the third “pause panel”) so it would be clear what was going on.

The moral of the story: Sometimes editors are right. (Sometimes.)

Malls of my youth

March 7, 2009


Christmas is in full swing with the Mall Elf strips that are rerunning on In today’s strip I show a giant, ugly mall clock. A reader commented that malls don’t have clocks any more, which is true when I think about it. I guess this was an unconscious “tribute” to the malls of my youth.

There was a “so-ugly-it’s-beautiful” clock in an ancient mall in my hometown. Midtown Plaza was the first downtown, indoor mall in the US. It just got torn down and I hope the clock was preserved.

(sound of me googling)

Yep, it did. He’s a pic of the clock.

In 2001 I did the above piece for the non-defunct Rochester Magazine. It’s about a child’s memories of visiting Santa’s Mountain (I think that’s what it was called) and riding the super-cool monorail. It was a very common childhood experience where I grew up, yet I never did it. Although, I did work in downtown Rochester for a number of years and my co-workers and I would talk about trying to get on it as adults. (We were denied.)

(The last “real” job I had was right downtown and I’d often go over to the dollar store in Midtown when I was bored. And there I got some spectacular finds – some actually “famous” amongst my circle of friends – including the can of Tuxedo Crabmeat and the “Original Oil Painting.” These will be featured prominently in the “Virtual Studio Tour” I’ve got planned to post.)