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Random pics…

July 8, 2009

Wanna confuse cartoonists? Just put them in a restaurant where they have to “input” all the food and drinks they want on a touch screen. Daryl Cagle, Betty (barely seen) & Greg Evans, an equally-confused waiter trying to help us, Rick Kirkman and me. Chad Frye took the pic and it’s up on his blog with a very substantial recap of the NCS Reuben weekend. (Puts mine to shame really.)

Wanna see even more pics of the SPACE comic strip panel I did with Jeff Stahler and Steve Boreman where my bad back is making me grimace? Look no further than here and here.

My travels – Part 3 – Drawing on the furniture

July 1, 2009

Bo_Mels piano sm

The National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Weekend was, well, over a month ago, and I’m just now getting to posting about it. And let’s face it, this won’t be much of a post – just some bulleted items of stuff I can recall off the top of my hairless head.

• After too may years I got to see Jim Whiting (who started the local cartooning group where I first met cartoonists in a group-like setting) and Aussie Peter Broelman.

• I got to witness a bunch of friends win awards: my buddy and sometime-roommate Mark Parisi (“Off the Mark“) won for Newspaper Panel, my pal and MAD boss Sam Viviano won for Magazine Illustration and my chum Dave Coverly (“Speed Bump“) won “the big ugly.” That is, the Reuben, the award for outstanding cartoonist of the year. It’s named after cartoonist Rube Goldberg and is indeed kinda odd looking. It consists of four naked cartoon figures piled on top of one another with an ink bottle perched on the uppermost figure’s butt. (Even odder is that supposedly it’s based on a lamp Rube made.)

• I stayed up very late every night, which was even later considering I live three time zones away. I believe I lapped myself the very first day, staying up for 24 hours. Even in the best of circumstances this is not the best way to start a Rubes w-end, even more so since I had to be up in the AM every dang day for some meeting or other.

• I ate at Johnny Rockets a lot.

• And last but not least, I got to draw on furniture. Mell Lazarus (“Miss Peach,” “Momma”) and his wife Sally have a piano in their home that they got about 15 years ago. Mell didn’t like the looks of it and suggested refinishing it. Sally suggested having their cartoonist friends draw on it. And so they have. It’s a “who’s who” of the cartooning world – Schulz, Eisner, Aragones, Johnston , etc. etc. Mell asked a bunch of us who hadn’t marred it’s surface to do so, and I was honored to. It was unnerving to add a drawing to such an amazing piece…and to have nowhere to rest my hand while drawing and trying so very hard not to screw up.

My travels – Part 2 – I’m not dead yet…

June 26, 2009

One thing the internet is great for is embarrassing photos. Here’s one of me from the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben weekend in Hollywood. (You’ll find more at the Hogan’s Alley site.) It has this caption:

“Bo Nanas” creator John Kovaleski either needed a nap or had too much to drink. Or both.

To clear up this scandal-to-be, it was the first. I was worn out going to the Rubes and got sick while there. I got directions to a drug store, dodged my way around many costumed characters hoping that I’ll pay to take a photo with them (but how do you pick between three Spidermans?) and bought some Airborne. I was late to a seminar panel on the future of newspaper comics, the place was packed so I sat on the floor in the back and had myself a anti-sickness cocktail (see empty glass at right). I was way in the back and figured, I can listen just as well laying down. That’s when David Folkman came around the corner on snapped this pic. It was later that I fell asleep.

(At left you can see one of my collection of “Man Purses of Many Lands.” This one is from Nicaragua.)

My travels – Part 1 – MoCCA

June 17, 2009

Man, have I been traveling a ton this last month. As a matter of fact, I was on the road (or in the air, or on train tracks, or sleeping on an air mattress at a friend’s apartment) for 15 out of 19 days. Just too much. I’m happy to be home till Comic Con.

In order, these were the events I went to: The National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Weekend, Book Expo and MoCCA. Since MoCCA is the most recent (two weeks ago), I’ll hit that first and the others (hopefully) next week. (Yep, I’m not very timely and thus a bad, bad blogger.)

I mooched a place to stay off of my friends Bob (professionally known as “R.”) Sikoryak and Kriota Willberg. Bob is quite well-known in the “alternative comics scene” and it was fun to tag along with him and experience an area of comics I don’t know nearly enough about.

And now the bullet points:

• MoCCA moved from the Puck Building to the Amory on Lexington. It’s big joint where you could systematically see every table but, man, was it hot.

• Got to sit near my friend Marek Bennett who just put out a new book on a Xeric grant. A “block” away way was Brendan Burford whose newest edition of “Syncopated” was just published by Villard Press. Marek, Brendan and I all play ukulele (me just barely). Brendan even had his with him. It seems to be a popular instrument among cartoonists, which leads me to…

• Sunday night’s “Comic Strip Serenade” at a joint out in Brooklyn. Put together by a couple of comics historians, it was a performance of early 20th century sheet music inspired by comic strips like Pogo, Barney Google, The Gumps and Krazy Kat. And, my oh my, were there are a lot of ukes involved. As a matter of fact, the last piece was music that was an integral part of a comic strip called “Them Days Are Gone Forever” and featured not one, not two, not three, but four, count ’em, four ukuleles!

• And a big shout out to reader Dorian, who I’ve christened the “MoCCA Weekend’s #1 Bo Nanas fan” for coming to the show to see me. (I am always shocked and amazed when anyone comes specifically to see me at these things, such is my humbleness and meager level of fame.). She was kind enough to pick up a Bo book and the new Great Scott book. Unfortunately I’d forgotten to bring Bo buttons with me so I mailed her one with a sketch as a “thank you.”

NCS karaoke

June 2, 2009


I’ve been away for 11 days and have just not gotten the chance to post…and things are too busy at the moment…catching up with work to get ready for MoCCA this weekend…so I stole a photo off of Tom Richmond’s blog. Shameful, I know, but I am in this photo so it’s sorta OK. (Can you “Where’s Waldo” me?)

This from the National cartoonists Society’s Reuben weekend a week and a half ago. (You can never accuse me of being timely.)

Double anniversary

May 11, 2009


On this date in 2001, I quit my “real” job and became a full-time freelance cartoonist.

And, on this same date in 2003, Bo Nanas was launched.

May 11 is one good date.

Late for his own funeral

May 5, 2009

The strip on today is based on something I told my wife I’d like to have happen.

I have been a “late person” all my life. A few years ago I was at a family funeral that did indeed start late and I was thinking about the phrase “late for his own funeral.” I decided that I would like my casket to show up to my funeral 20 minutes late…on purpose. I think it would lighten the mood.

SPACE recap Part 2

April 22, 2009

Pat Lewis

(I’m going to do my SPACE recap in random posts throughout the next few days, as well as show art from some of the cool people I met there. Please click on it and visit their websites.)

Saturday morning starts with my bad back fighting me. I get moving enough but only after quality time with a hot bath and a muscle stim device. (Not at the same time, though.)

After driving to the SPACE place I get my books into the joint via a New York grocery/laundry cart. (It is an item I have never seen in “the wild.” My wife had one from her Brooklyn days.) It is cool candy apple red but has no steering capabilities whatsoever. Gotta point it where you want to go the first time or you’re out of luck.

I get set up…and then my memory starts to embarrass me. I meet my next-door neighbor Marek Bennett. The thing is, I’ve met him before at MoCCA. At least, that’s what he tells me. When he mentions that he had a beard at the time, the rusty tumblers of my brain fall into place. Same thing happens in almost the same way with neighbor-down-the-way Pat Lewis. (It was SPX instead of MoCCA, and there was no facial hair involved.)

It’s slow early on so we’re all “preaching to the choir” (in other words, it’s mostly exhibitors looking at each other’s stuff). One guy brings over a “Monkey Meets World” book that he carted with him just to have me sign. I’m truly touched. Another person bring a “Stormfeld” book I was in (edited by the late great Wes Alexander). A couple of people (well, two) read Bo online and bought my books, which made me feel great….

…until I walked into the panel room.

Next time: There’s quite an echo in this here panel room….panel room……panel room……..panel room……

SPACE Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

April 13, 2009

If you’re going to be in the Buckeye State this weekend (specifically in Columbus OH), I’ll be at SPACE – the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (specifically at booth #129).

I’ll also be on a panel called “The Adventures of a Working Class Syndicated Comic Stripper” at 2:00 on Saturday, April 18 with Jeff Stahler (“Moderately Confused” and editorial cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch) and Steve Boreman (“Little Lost Dog”). None of us are (or in my case, were) at the top of the totem pole, so it will hopefully be a unique look at the syndication game. If you’re not going to be able to be there for the Q&A, feel free to send me topics that you think could be discussed.

(There’s a cool poster for SPACE that I saw…somewhere in e-land. If I find it, I’ll post it.)

Free Comic Book Day

April 7, 2009

Wondering where I’ll be on Free Comic Book Day? Wonder no more. I’ll be at Comix Connection in York, PA. I’ll have Bo Nanas and Jack N. Box comics to sell and, in the spirit of the day, I’ll be giving out signed Bo “prints.”

Is this agreat holiday or what?