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Free Comic Book Day recap

May 18, 2010

Please note my hot-rod red NYC laundry cart that I use to haul books around

Once again, I’m as timely as ever. It’s been over two weeks since FCBD and I’m just now posting about it. And my memory ain’t as facile as it used to be, but I’ll give it a go.

I did an appearance at Comix Connection and, man, they know how to do it up right. The whole reason for FCBD is to get people into comic book stores and, presumably, get them to come back. And how do you do that? CC had sales galore going on: 20% off everything. Still too pricey? How about $1 back issues (usually about $4). Not good enough, ya cheapskate? How ’bout all $1 comics at 10¢? There was a line out the door for the first two hours I was there.

I was signing free Bo prints (in the spirit of the day) and met some nice people including fan-of-the-day Phillip, who drove 90 minutes to meet me. Hope I didn’t disappoint. (E-mail me, Phillip, I lost your address.) A handful of students from my “Graphic Novel to Film” class showed up. I’d like to think I’ve inspired them to search out comics, but I feel their geekish tendencies were well in place.

I sold some books, which is always nice, but left with a much bigger stack of books, which is even nicer. They are piled next to my bed making dark-of-night visits to the little cartoonist’s room an adventure.

Many thanks to Bill, Ned, Jared and everyone at CC for my second FCBD there. HTDIANY (Hope to do it again next year).

May is the new February (I guess)

May 13, 2010

Yesterday was the end of the Mrs. Yannes/Valentines series rerunning on If you want to read it from the beginning, start here cuz I’m going to throw out a spoiler below.








The seed of the idea came of a Valentines-themed coupon we got in the mail from out car repair place. Then I had the idea of Mrs. Yannes recognizing her lost love in the cartoon of the muffler. Realizing that she actually resembles a spark plug came much later in the writing process. And, wow, I’m glad it did.

Bo Nanas

Reader Wildcard24365 was nice enough to comment, “Touching, yet consistently surrealistic.”

Thursday is the new Sunday – Pop goes the…

May 13, 2010

The Sunday strip that’s rerunning on today doesn’t have the greatest end gag (does it really get across the craziness of Mrs. Yannes?) but I like the art and concept.

I think I was trying to represent the idea of a seismic rumble in the unseen-until-now drop panel. Once again, not sure if it works too well.

Apologies all around.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Wrap it up

March 18, 2010

Sometimes you (meaning me) write a gag that only has a couple of panels and really should be a daily, but it has so many words that it just has to be a Sunday strip. That’s what happened with the three-months-too-late (or nine-months-too-early) Christmas-themed Sunday that’s rerunning on today.

I’m pretty sure this is the one and only Sunday appearance of Brittney of the Squirrel Scouts. If you had asked me what color her uniform is before I reviewed the strip to write this, I wouldn’t have had the foggiest. I guess I made it brown cuz of squirrels. (Yep, sounds logical.)

The unseen-until-now drop panel above came from an idea to do a Sunday strip that was just a piece of Bo Nanas wrapping paper. Granted, it was a cop-out and my long suffering editor Amy poo-pooed right away. (I’m not sure I even got to the end of my sentence.)

Thursday is the new Sunday…on Friday

March 12, 2010

Y’know, it’s Spring Break and I’m the busiest I’ve ever been, thus I’ve been neglecting my bloggin’ chores. So to recap: the Sunday comic that should run in December but is running on a Thursday in March and I’m writing about it on Friday.

I believe this will leave a big hole in the space/time/comics continuum, so watch your step.

The Sunday strip that reran on yesterday had a concept that I thought was pretty clever…until my editor told me that upside down Christmas trees actually exist. They’re artificial rather than real, but still, it popped my balloon a bit.

In the unseen-until-now drop panel above is an appropriately decorated “tail peek”…if it was three months ago, that is.

Two out of four

February 23, 2010

The strip running on today is a Mr. Bench fav that features not one but two, count ’em, two pause panels.

Once upon a time there was a blog called The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch. I got featured a couple of times (here and here). But, alas, author Matt Gill stopped his watch mere weeks before the ending of Bo, the last strip containing 4 out of 4 pause panels. My chance for immortality foiled.

ApPEELing review

February 17, 2010

A nice review of my “ApPEELing” book from Allan Holtz over at Stripper’s Guide which brings up a common problem with reading strips in book form. (Solution: Keep it in the bathroom.)

“Bo Nanas, which ran in newspapers from 2003-2007, had a pretty devoted fan-base, but I gather the strip failed to displace enough Peanuts reruns and computer-generated Shoes to keep Kovaleski stocked up with beer and India ink.

Bo Nanas is a monkey living a surprisingly average life in a city. Though Bo is a well-grounded fellow (for a monkey) he seems to attract weirdos and oddballs, and they always want to tell him just what exactly makes them weird. Bo listens politely and then makes a comment. This is the typical plot of the strip. When read one per day, Bo Nanas is a joy. The deadpan Bo is unfailingly amusing, not to mention sly, intelligent and erudite. What works well in a daily dose, however, works less well in a reprint book where we can get caught in the rhythm of this dance. After reading a half-dozen or so pages the gags become like those divisions in a concrete paved highway, the monotonous clunks barely noticed after driving for awhile. If you’re the type of reader who can read a page or two and then put the book down for awhile, I highly recommend it. If, on the other hand, you usually read a reprint book from front to back at a sitting or two, you’ll come away with little appreciation for Kovaleski’s creation, and that would be a shame. Read the book but savor it slowly for the full impact.”

Thursday is the new Sunday – Extra! Extra!

February 11, 2010

OK, OK. The Sunday strip rerunning on today is kinda cruel when you think about it. But it’s funny. Doesn’t that count for something?

Thursday is the new Sunday – Book ’em, Dano

February 4, 2010

“The Best of Bo Nanas” was planned as a continuation of “Monkey Meets World.” “MMW” had the first nine months of Bo – the next book was going to have all the strips that came after. Didn’t work out that way. If it did, I was going to have to leave out the Sunday strip rerunning on today for…certain reasons.

In the unseen-until-now drop panel above I show off my vast knowledge of the notebook paper industry.

The Sunday strip rerunning on today is one

Thursday is the new Sunday – Goodbye

January 28, 2010

The Sunday strip rerunning on today is one that I remember my editor, the long-suffering Amy, had some reservations about because it’s a downer. I said I wanted it to be.