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Occasionally I send out e-mails about books I’ve got coming out, appearances I’ll be making or what I’m having for lunch. Please drop me a line here and I’ll put you on the fast track to fun fun fun.

5 Responses to “Contact me and/or get newsletter”

  1. Craig Miller Says:

    Didn’t I hear about Bo the Plumber in the news this week?

  2. bryan martinez Says:

    I was impressed that you actually read and commented on the comments in ‘go comics’
    so , has the gag about the guy is stopped by security for trying to walk out of the store with ‘free’ weights been used?

  3. KOVALESKI Says: is the default in my browser so I figure, what the hey? It’s cool to see what people are saying.

    I have used something like “Free samples? I didn’t even know he was in jail.”

  4. bryan martinez Says:

    since you seem genuine, I just had to let you know I got a LOL at the ‘me and my puppet’ series…..did those ideas kinda fizzle , or did MAD have rights to them?

  5. KOVALESKI Says:

    Thanks, Bryan. MAD likes the “Puppet” concept, and I’ve been sending in ideas in the last few months, but no bites as of late.

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