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What I’m reading – Drive

October 4, 2010

DRIVE: A Hero Rises

My pal Dave Kellett has a new science fiction web comic called “Drive”. He was nice enough to give me a copy at SPX and it’s really cool.

What I’m reading – Wormwood 2

July 16, 2010

Actually, I didn’t finish it since I was reading it in a Barnes and Noble.

What I’m reading – Random Astro City comic I found in a bargain bin

July 9, 2010

A really nice one-shot. (If you haven’t read any Astro City, and you’re into  different takes on the whole superhero thang, what are you waiting for?)

What I’m reading – Was Superman A spy?

July 2, 2010

A fun book I picked up in a Borders bargain bin (surprised?) last weekend while shopping for baby stuff.

What I’m reading – Top Ten

June 25, 2010

It’s always strange to jump into a comic book series in the middle but, since I tend to buy single issues only in bargain bins, this happens to me a lot. I knew  the basic premise of this Alan Moore-created series – police department in a world where everyone is a superhero – and had read a few issues before. Seems to play like a superhero soap opera. I haven’t read a full collection to see if this is truly true. I’ll have to wait to find one in a bargain bin.

What I’m reading – Grickle

June 18, 2010

After seeing Annable’s short animations (they are easy to find on the web) I was kicking myself for passing on a book of his I saw time after time at the Strand Bookstore years ago. I did not make the same mistake  with his most recent collection. The drawings are simple but expressive. The timing has the moment-to-moment flow of animation. And it’s all so dang funny.

What I’m reading – Tor

June 11, 2010

Joe Kubert spoke at the National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Weekend a couple of weeks ago…and I missed it. I was actually standing in back just before it started, saw someone I knew  – Mike Canva from the Washington Post – and we went out of the hall to catch up and ended up talking in depth about cartooning and I introduced him to Juana Medina (the 2008 Jay Kennedy Scholarship winner) and before you knew it, people were walking out of the hall. Joe’s talk was over.

I picked this up a few days later at the MAD offices (more on that later) which are owned by DC Comics, since I’ve never had the chance to read Mr. Kubert’s work. I’m quite enjoying it.

What I’m reading – The Professor’s Daughter

June 4, 2010

A very enjoyable Victorian tale about a young English woman who falls in love with the mummy her father brought back from Egypt. Nicely whimsical, combining humor and adventure with picturesque watercolor illustrations.

What I’m reading – Wimbledon Green

May 28, 2010


An amazing book but me thinks you gotta be a comic nerd to really get it. But if you are…


What I’m reading – Civil War cartoons

May 22, 2010

So last week I said that there isn’t a bookstore close by. Well, that’s not completely true. In a plaza of outlet stores there is a bargain bookstore. It’s the kind of store that only sells close-outs, which means it impossible to find anything in particular. That’s fine by me. I love looking through bargain books but this store has a notoriously bad selection of the stuff I’m interested in. Their humor section contains mostly written humor by stand-up comics. (Really, does the world need any more “Redneck” books?)

On this day I walked in and there was the above book staring me in the face. Then I looked in the humor section – same as it ever was. But I just happened to look through the literature section and, at the bottom, was a whole bunch of graphic novels. (Graphic novels=literature. Right on.) Since I was spending over $25 I was told I could have any one of three books that were on the counter for $1 and I got the one below. After I had paid I noticed the 50¢ clearance shelf next to the register. Even more graphic novels.

There’s treasure everywhere!