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Old habits…

October 24, 2011

I was out of town this weekend. Just for a day, nothing much. Spent most of the time with my kid while my wife was at a conference.

Coming around the corner of our hotel I saw a newspaper box for the local “fish wrap”. Do you know what my knee-jerk reaction is when I spy such a thing? It’s to get a copy and send it to the sales manager at my syndicate as a possible lead for selling my comic strip.

Of course, it’s been over four years since Bo Nanas ceased publication.

Old habits die hard.


Sorry to be so melancholy. To balance it out, here’s the strip rerunning on today. It just happens to be newspaper-related.

Bo Nanas

SPACE Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

April 13, 2009

If you’re going to be in the Buckeye State this weekend (specifically in Columbus OH), I’ll be at SPACE – the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (specifically at booth #129).

I’ll also be on a panel called “The Adventures of a Working Class Syndicated Comic Stripper” at 2:00 on Saturday, April 18 with Jeff Stahler (“Moderately Confused” and editorial cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch) and Steve Boreman (“Little Lost Dog”). None of us are (or in my case, were) at the top of the totem pole, so it will hopefully be a unique look at the syndication game. If you’re not going to be able to be there for the Q&A, feel free to send me topics that you think could be discussed.

(There’s a cool poster for SPACE that I saw…somewhere in e-land. If I find it, I’ll post it.)