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The (superhero name) Mobile

June 15, 2014

If you’ve been traipsing the mean e-streets of the internet long enough you know that most of the “funny” pics that you see didn’t originate with the site you’re seeing them on. Their chain of custody is long and tangled; almost impossible to track back to Poster Zero.

Not this one. This one comes straight from me to you. (I’ve cut out the middleman and passed the savings onto you!) This gem was in my local supermarket parking lot. Don’t know if the owner is a local or just someone passing through on their way to another airbrushed galaxy.


In a waiting room today…

May 7, 2014

… I swear I heard a smooth jazz instrumental version of the “Wonder Woman” theme song.

We’ll leave the Bat Signal on for you

December 29, 2013

“Guests of The Batman Show stay at the…”


Superman’s biographer

July 21, 2013

Glen Weldon, he of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, has written an unauthorized bio of Superman. He talks about it here.

FCBD – The Reading Pt 1

May 7, 2013


So I saw the movie Kick Ass, then read the book Kick Ass, now have read the book Kick Ass 2 before the movie Kick Ass 2 comes out. So I’m all set, right? You’d think so but when I got to the end of KA2, it stated that it was the end of book 3. Whatinthewhonow? Seems there a prequel book I missed somewhere. Ug.

Spider-Man in Flour City -Day 2

May 1, 2013

Hey! Is that John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman?!


Spider-Man in Flower City – Day 1

April 30, 2013

A few months ago I was visiting my family in Rochester NY and heard on the radio that Spider-Man 2 was going to film there. “What? Really? Wow” was the direct quote from my brain. Being on a film set couldn’t be boringer, but if i was still living there, I would extra-up.

Seems that this is a second unit shoot of a car chase, so no stars. It started today and goes on for ten days. Here’s an on-the-scene photo from my friend Diana Powell-Keery.



January 15, 2012


I bought this DVD for $3.

If it was about WonderMAN it would probably be $5.

Comics go to the movies – Kick-ass

January 9, 2012

I was surprised that I hadn’t written anything about the movie Kick-ass when it came out in theaters. And I’m not going to write much now either. I was expecting “more” when I saw it at the multiplex especially after all the hype and the awesome trailers. Although it was trying to shake up the superhero mythos with violence, it didn’t seem it go far enough in terms of depth of characters. Watching it again on DVD, and with lowered expectations, it’s more entertaining as a parody of the genre. (But in both viewings Nicholas Cage is scenery-chewingly awful.)

Th real reason I’m writing this now is to point out something completely inconsequential I noticed. Early in the film the main character and his friends are shown coming out of a movie theater and seen on the marquee very briefly is “The Spirit 3.”

At first I thought it was wishful thinking on the part of the movie studio for both films, Lionsgate. But then I realized that Kick-ass was produced independently with Lionsgate just picking up the distribution afterwards In other words, I think Kick-ass was taking a shot at cartoonist/director Frank “Sin City” Miller’s spectacularly gonzo misfire adaptation of Will Eisner’s classic 1940s crime fighter.

Comics go to the movies (sort of) – Confessions of a Superhero

February 9, 2011


This is not an adaptation of any comics material, but a documentary about struggling actors who dress up as superheroes and work for tips posing with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard. “Superman” has an obsession with a certain Man of Steel and says he’s the son of the late actress Sandy Dennis (although this seems unlikely). “Batman” has serious anger issues and has a sordid mob-related past (his wife suggests believing about 50% of what he says). Yep, it’s all pretty sad, but a very good documentary.