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Thursday is the new Sunday – Special delivery

September 22, 2011


A tail peek from the Sunday strip rerunning today on

An there’s a terrific comment from reader  “Bargrove.” (It’ll make sense once  you read the strip.)


Thursday is the new Sunday – Quality is job #2

September 15, 2011


Sorry I missed last Thursday’s Sunday but this week’s strip is pretty good so hopefully it’ll make up for it.

I wish I could’ve done this well with every Sunday. Even though it’s one of my trademarked wordy strips, the color really works. And it involves the return of The Lost Man…

Thursday is the new Sunday – Inside out

September 1, 2011


Take a look at the Sunday strip rerunning on today. Can you tell me what’s wrong with it? Here’s a hint: it has to do with an error with one of the conventions of cartooning.

Yep, in the fourth panel Mrs. Yannes is speaking, but the “pointer” is pointing to Bo. I had forgotten that this had happened until somebody commented on it.

And I’m not sure what I was thinking with the little-seen drop panel above. Something about a picture frame being a window frame? If anyone has a better idea, I’d be happy to hear it.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Sweet and sour

August 25, 2011


The Sunday strip rerunning on today was actually for Valentines Day. But we all need love all year ’round so, here ya go.

This strip also reminds me that I’ve built a number of gags around people in costumes that are commercially driven. This includes Bo actually dressing up in a monkey costume.

Thursday is the new Sunday – The air up there

August 18, 2011


The Sunday comics rerunning today on is yet another of the “Bo takes the air out of some blowhard” strips. Although this guy does a lot of the work himself.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Bag it

August 11, 2011


Well, it looks like the Sunday strip reruns on have settled into appearing on Thursday sagain. Seems like old times…

This strip is one of my favorite types to do – the back-n-forth, 194o’s comedy team shtick – but because it’s all about conversation, it tends to be pretty dull visually. (Most cartoonists do big, tour de force artwork on Sunday. Not me.) I also like when Bo really deflates someone with a big sense of self-importance – a guy who needs to start a conversation about himself and steer it in a certain way.

Thurday is the new Sunday…huh?…what?

July 21, 2011

Looks like the Bo Sunday strip is rerunning on Thursday this week. I haven’t checked to see what the Vegas odds are for next week.

Anyway…it is one I like.

Friday is the new Sunday…or not…

July 15, 2011

What can I tell you? A Sunday strip did not rerun on this Friday. Why? Couldn’t tell you. But I do know this – It’s the most controversial news of the summer!

Friday is the new Sunday – Workin’ for a livin’

July 8, 2011


Two weeks in a row that the Sunday strip has shown up on Friday on I’d call that a trend. Here is the strip. Above is the rarely seen drop panel.

This strip features Manny the Manager, Bo’s boss at his only on-going job, working in a restaurant. Manny is my catch-all boss character, one that knows he has power over you because you need the job. Although Bo needs this job, he doesn’t play this game.

Friday is the new Sunday…I guess…for now…

July 5, 2011

I took a few days off for the holiday and when I returned to all things bloggy, I found that Bo Nanas Sunday strips are now rerunning on Fridays. Well, last Friday at least. We’ll see if it holds.

If you remember there was no Sunday the week before, possibly because a whole series of “Bo as mall elf” strips were rerunning (and still are.) This Sunday is holiday themed and strikes a bit too close to home. Our Christmas lights are still up. I’ve using the “we had a kid” excuse for a while, but it’s starting to look flimsy.