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Comic Con – Part 1

July 29, 2009

(photo by "my only fan," Jeff Keane)

Well, I’m back from San Diego Comic Con, a bit richer and a bit poorer. I’ll post my thoughts over the next few days, probably in bullet points since my brain can hardly be called upon to create a cohesive narrative after the red-eye I took home Sunday night/Monday morning.

• I got an insanely small amount of sleep the night before traveling on Wednesday. I needed to be up by 4:00 am but was awake by 2:00. I fooled around with repacking my luggage since I was checking one bag filled with books to sell and carrying-on the one with clothes, etc. and had limited space. (I actually took the book bag to the gym to weigh it to make sure it was under 50 lbs.)

• Had a couple of hours to kill when I got there before Preview Night so I wandered around by the pier. Two grown men were trying to remember all of the Green Lantern oath. I though it was very funny seeing my first evidence of full-scale geekery and called a couple of friends to report such and wallow in my superiority. Then I realized that it says something about me that I would recognize just part of the Green Lantern oath.

• I’m impressed that CC actually has shuttles that run 7:00 am to 3:00am…or any shuttles at all. I often fell asleep on the Pink Shuttle on the way back to the hotel. (Not partying, just jet lag.)

• Getting inside the exhibit hall, I expected it to be bigger. I had heard all the “you can’t walk the whole thing in 4 days” legends and though it would be as big as the Javitz Center in NYC.

• On Preview Night I was working my way through a mob when I heard something that sounded like my name. I turned around to find one of my former cartooning students, Val Hochberg. I asked was she was doing there and she said she had a booth with some friends and was self publishing. We went to her table and she gave me a book and I gave her one of mine. A day or two late yet another cartooning student, Bob Rutan, stopped by the National Cartoonists Society booth to say hello. He’s working as an animator in LA. Seeing them really did my heart good.