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Pete Zahn and half-o-deer

February 24, 2009


Here’s the sketches for “The Legendary Deliveries of Pete Zahn” strip that’s in MAD #499. As you can see, the first one (above) didn’t quite have the punch that the second one did.



MAD #499

February 23, 2009

Did you know I was in the new issue of MAD?

Me neither.

My subscription copy of MAD shows up in the mail today. I look at the contents and mention to my sister-in-law (who’s visiting) that there’s a Strip Club listed and that this is the first one in quite a while that I haven’t been part of. And when I flipped to the section, there it was – a “Legendary Deliveries of Pete Zahn” strip.

The thing is if you have something in an upcoming issue of MAD you get comp copies (usually three) that show up on your door step before the subscription copy. And I didn’t think MAD had any more of my stuff in their files waiting to be run. And this was the first Pete Zahn strip I ever did so I figured it had already run.

I should really pay better attention.