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July 15, 2009


The Gettysburg Times is nice enough to run Bo reruns (they’re different than the ones that run on Last Thursday the above strip ran…and below it was a “Zits” having to do with Pierce falling down the stairs. (You can see it here.) Weird, huh.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Curse the darkness

June 25, 2009


Rereading the Sunday strip rerunning on I’m not sure it’s obvious that Mrs. Yannes has rearranged each room so they contain only one type of furniture – tables in one, lamps in another, etc.

And yes, I do hate overhead lights.

The drop panel above is an illuminating tail peek.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Tubby time

June 11, 2009

Bo031906LockBathrmCLThe Sunday strip rerunning on today is my fav of all the Mrs.-Yannes-interrupts-Bo-in-the-bathroom gags. The extra room of the Sunday format allowed for the pacing – and craziness – to play out just right

The drop panel above is one of those make-object-out-of-tail a la Felix The Cat type things.

Thursday is new Sunday – Merry Christmas

March 19, 2009


I blame daylight savings time for the Christmas strip rerunning today on You know what they say: ” Fall back. Spring ahead nine months.”

The drop panel above is your garden-variety holiday head peek.

Thursday is the new Sunday – Comedy team

March 12, 2009


I do love the back-in-forth banter of old time comedy teams.* I tried to do a similar thing with Bo and Mrs. Yannes in the Sunday strip that’s running on today. I like the set-up, but the end gag is pretty obvious.

The above drop panel is a standard “tail peek” with a really large book … or a really small Bo … or a somewhat enlarged book and a somewhat en-smalled Bo.

* In real life, the only universally accepted comeback to confusing conversation is of course “Third base.”

Thursday is the new Sunday – Line up

December 4, 2008

The Sunday strip up on today is one of those let’s-make-one-big-panel ones. This was impossible in the “olden days” of comic strips. Back then (which I don’t think was so long ago really) you would do the Sunday strip in three tiers, with specific breaks in the tiers so the whole thing could be reformatted as the newspaper wished. And the first tier had to be disposable. (You can see diagrams and explanations here, if you’re into that kind of thing.) I actually started doing my Sundays this way and, I’ll tell you, it’s a challenge to write a gag that has to have panel breaks in just the right places. I was very happy when I started doing the big-panel-that-I-can-cut-up-any-way-I-want-with-a-drop-panel-that -I-really-have-nothing-to-say-about …like the one below.


Casual readers will pick out Bo’s landlady Mrs. Yannes in line. More hardcore readers will recognize the top of the head of Gavin, one of the Christmas elves Bo worked with at the mall every holiday season. (So even though this is a rerun from September 2005, it is vaguely timely.)

Nakedidity Scorecard – 1

November 22, 2008

The Bo/Mrs. Yannes/kiddie pool strip up on today is a prime example of my use of nudity as gag fodder. Most of this comes from the fact that Bo is nude, but sometimes it would be the crazy people he meets who are in some sort of state of undress (cuz that’s the kind of thing crazy people would do). Did I dip into the nudity well too often? Well, I don’t know – but I did do it a number of times.

Hey, I have an idea! Let’s count together. Pull out your Official Bo Nanas Nakedidity Scorecard (TM) and put a big “1” on it. Every time a NG (nudity gag) shows up on we’ll change the number together. Won’t that be fun? And if you notice a NG before I post about it, I’ll send you a little prize. (What will the prize be? Haven’t the slightest. I just thought of it while I was typing.) The first person to e-mail me wins. So keep your eyes, like your bananas, peeled.