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Happy new year…again

March 22, 2009

Remember back at the beginning of the year, how I said I didn’t dig the usual New Years Eve celebrations and how I’ve passed on those attributes to Bo (No? Here it is.) Well, in the time machine that is that holiday is upon us again. Another helping of my surliness starts here.

No Bo

February 10, 2009

The strip rerunning on today is maybe the only “Bo Nanas” strip in which Bo doesn’t actually appear.

There was another one (part of the annual Bo-works-as-an-elf-in-the-mall holiday series) that was going to have “no Bo” until my editor looked at it and made an interesting point. I’ll tell you all about it whenever the heck that one reruns.

Faux Bo

January 10, 2009

Here’s something weird…

The series of daily strips that have been running on this week (with a couple more days to go) is about Bo getting a job wearing a monkey costume to promote a store’s grand opening. (Subtle irony, eh?) So when thinking about how to draw a costume or toy of a real animal the first thing you’d do is simplify and abstract it. Y’know, like a teddy bear doesn’t have the same features as a real bear. Of course, cartooning is all about simplifying and abstracting. And when your style is as bare bones as mine, it can be a challenge to make the monkey costume not look like the monkey Bo. You can see them both in this strip and see if I was successful.

Nakedidity Scorecard – 2

January 6, 2009

The Bo-gets-a-job-wearing-a-monkey-costume strip on today is indeed yet another “Bo is naked” themed strip. So pull out your Official Bo Nanas Nakedidity Scorecard (TM) and put a big “2” on it. (Every time a NG – nudity gag – shows up on we’ll change the number together. It’s interactive!)

And if you notice a NG before I post about it, I’ll send you a little prize. Nobody won this time. Sadness ensues.