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Friday is the new Sunday – Workin’ for a livin’

July 8, 2011


Two weeks in a row that the Sunday strip has shown up on Friday on I’d call that a trend. Here is the strip. Above is the rarely seen drop panel.

This strip features Manny the Manager, Bo’s boss at his only on-going job, working in a restaurant. Manny is my catch-all boss character, one that knows he has power over you because you need the job. Although Bo needs this job, he doesn’t play this game.

The end of Bo, revisited – #4

July 25, 2009

bo nanas-2007-07-25

The end of Bo, revisited – #3

July 24, 2009

bo nanas-2007-07-24

The idea of “Bo as CEO” – and, specifically, this big chair/phone book gag – came from one of the strips I did for my initial sample package.

The end of Bo, revisited – #2

July 23, 2009

bo nanas-2007-07-23

Just like me to use a version of an old, old punchline during my last week. Really shows off my writing chops.

Thursday is the new Sunday – A wrinkle in time

July 2, 2009


The Sunday strip rerunning on today is about seeing just a teeny slice of someone’s life and wondering what their deal is. It also seems to be about my inability to draw backgrounds. (Couldn’t I have thrown in a window or two?)

The drop panel above is a rarely-seen arm peek. It symbolizes man’s need to make his garments wrinkle-free. (I do not suffer from this affliction.)

Implied nudity

June 28, 2009

The strip on today isn’t about Bo being nude but I figured I’d point it out since public nudity seems to be one of my reoccurring “themes.”

The Condiment Man

June 14, 2009

The strip up on today is the start of a series featuring The Condiment Man. They feature an extremely annoying Willy Wonka-like character, and is maybe the only time one might feel sorry for Manny the Manager. These strips were really fun but hard to write with all the rhymes.

(A commenter on pointed out that I spelled “whacking” wrong. That’s why I had three editors, but needed four.)

Thursday is the new Sunday – e-eating

April 2, 2009


I remember coming up with the gag for the Sunday strip rerunning on while dining at a local diner. (Fascinating story, huh?) And it gave me the chance to use one of Bo’s few ongoing jobs – working in a restaurant, which I did in college. (Wow. Yet another fascinating story. That’s two for today.)

Do you catch the goof? Take a peek and see if you can find it. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Did you spot it? In the second panel the pointer for Bo’s word balloon is pointing to the other guy.

As for the drop panel above, I wonder who came up with the iconic lightening bolt design?

Happy new year…again…part 3

March 24, 2009

Bo is continuing  to knock on apartment doors looking for the place he’s supposed to be waitering at for New Years Eve. In the strip rerunning today he is mistaken for a babysitter. One of the readers on commented (speaking as Bo):

“and my references are that i worked in the tot corral at the mall”

He (or she) is referring to Bo working as a Christmas elf in the mall’s day care center just a week before. I would love to say this was some master plan I had cooked up, but until it was pointed out  today, it had never occurred to me.

>Sigh< Another great opportunity lost.

Happy new year…again…part 2

March 23, 2009

Got a second? Check out today’s strip in the never-ending Bo-as-temp-waiter-looking-for-the-right-party saga on Go ahead. I’ll wait.

(emoticon of a man examining his fingernails then rubbing them on his lapel like he’s in a movie from the 40s)

The year that this strip ran originally this was pretty much the New Years Eve my wife and I had. We had just flown back from visiting her family and were just about to drive six hours to visit my family when my back went out while I was looking into the dryer. Not lifting anything – just bending over and looking. Plans were changed and we spent New Years Eve Day on the couch, watching “comfort movies” and eating take-out. We watched fireworks from the window of my studio for a few minutes and went to bed.