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Thursday is the new Sunday – Minty fresh

January 26, 2012

Here’s the little-seen drop panel for the Sunday strip rerunning ¬†on today. And it’s one of the few Sundays that the Hot Dog Guy shows up in. And HDG is not showing his usual distain for Bo, except in a silent, surly, stare-y way.

Saturday is the new Sunday – Caution! Fruit!

February 12, 2011

UPDATE: Looks like is now running Sundays on Saturday…until they change it.

Here’s the probably-never-seen drop panel for the Sunday strip rerunning today. I believe this is the only Sunday appearance of the Hot Dog Guy.

Wait a sec…I used him in the very first Sunday strip.

Don’t listen to a word I say.

The end…again

October 20, 2010

If you hadn’t seen the way I ended Bo Nanas way back in the summer of 2007, it’s rerunning today on If you want to see what leads up to it, start here at the beginning of the end.

The end of Bo, revisited – #7

July 28, 2009

bo nanas-2007-07-28

Thursday is the new Sunday – Green-licious!

October 9, 2008 is running a Sunday strip today that I only now realize is one in a series of condiment gags I did involving the surly Hot Dog Guy. I even did a sequence where Bo got a temp job as HDG’s condiment rep, showing him everything that was new in the world of edible extras.

Peanuts had kicking the football. Bloom County had the dandelion patch. Bo Nanas had condiments. (Ah, legacy.)

The little-seen drop panel has Bo in serious peril from a squirting Gatling gun.