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What I’m reading – Wormwood 2

July 16, 2010

Actually, I didn’t finish it since I was reading it in a Barnes and Noble.

What I’m reading – Random Astro City comic I found in a bargain bin

July 9, 2010

A really nice one-shot. (If you haven’t read any Astro City, and you’re into  different takes on the whole superhero thang, what are you waiting for?)

Comics go to the movies – Jonah Hex

July 5, 2010

Based on the trailer here, the movie version of the DC Comic should have been a lot better. (I drug a couple of friends to it even though it got horrible reviews). Take a look at the trailer and you’ll see just what the movie needs more of: Gatling gun horses!

What I’m reading – Was Superman A spy?

July 2, 2010

A fun book I picked up in a Borders bargain bin (surprised?) last weekend while shopping for baby stuff.

What I’m reading – Top Ten

June 25, 2010

It’s always strange to jump into a comic book series in the middle but, since I tend to buy single issues only in bargain bins, this happens to me a lot. I knew  the basic premise of this Alan Moore-created series – police department in a world where everyone is a superhero – and had read a few issues before. Seems to play like a superhero soap opera. I haven’t read a full collection to see if this is truly true. I’ll have to wait to find one in a bargain bin.

What I’m reading – Tor

June 11, 2010

Joe Kubert spoke at the National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Weekend a couple of weeks ago…and I missed it. I was actually standing in back just before it started, saw someone I knew  – Mike Canva from the Washington Post – and we went out of the hall to catch up and ended up talking in depth about cartooning and I introduced him to Juana Medina (the 2008 Jay Kennedy Scholarship winner) and before you knew it, people were walking out of the hall. Joe’s talk was over.

I picked this up a few days later at the MAD offices (more on that later) which are owned by DC Comics, since I’ve never had the chance to read Mr. Kubert’s work. I’m quite enjoying it.

A league of my own

June 1, 2010

Not how you see the library in real life

Sure, I go to sites, read comments, but rarely post. The Onion’s AV Club had a post about entertainment pilgrimages and I had to chime in. Here’s what I wrote:

By chance I re-watched the extras on my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen DVD just before going to Prague to visit my wife. LEO was filmed there but mostly on sets except for the library at the beginning and the stairs they walk down to see Nemo’s car. In Prague we trekked across the city to the monestary-ish joint where the library is and it was closed. Came back the next day, it was closed for lunch. Went to lunch, came back, still not open. (Since I’m the only one in the world who liked LEO I would whisper-yell at the crowd “I know you’re all big fans..”) When we finally got in we found that you couldn’t actually go in the library, Just see it from a roped off door at the far end. (Tried to find the stairs just by look. Found them but didn’t realize it till I got home to look at the DVD yet again.)

What I’m reading – Wormwood

May 14, 2010

I live in a town without a chain bookstore so I tend to go a little hog-wild when I head to my hometown. But I still stick to the “bargain” and “used” categories. That’s where I got this: the story of an alcoholic worm that reanimates dead bodies to get around. They don’t call him the “gentleman corpse” for nothing.

What I’m reading – Incognito

May 7, 2010

Got this in a 10¢ bin last Saturday (on the greatest nerd holiday) and really dug it. Now I’ve gotta get one of the collections. (See what happens when you try to save money – it costs you more in the end.)

Graphic Novel to Film presentations

April 6, 2010

 Well, it’s that time of year again. The students in my Graphic Novel to Film class have pick the subjects for their final presentations. It can be any comics to film adaptation that we hadn’t covered in class. Here’s the rundown:




This student is also looking at the earlier B&W, non-musical film.



This student is also looking at the the TV Hulk movie where they tried to introduce Rex Smith as Daredevil


Seriously, I haven’t the slightest idea what this is.


This student is also looking at the Thomas Jane and the Dolph Lundgren versions.