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Bun in the oven

June 16, 2010

Bo Nanas

As some of you know, our first child is gonna show up soon, so the strip that showed up today on (starring the Arguing Couple) is nicely prophetic.

Reader “mackka01” (who I think is my friend Katie) commented:
Well, the Swiggaleski baby is going to be a boy, so this is one more assurance that the woman is always right. :)

Push me, pull you

October 21, 2009

The Arguing Couple return today in a strip that one has to think about too much to figure out if it works.

Still fighting…

April 22, 2009

The “Arguing Couple” are back today in the strip on This comic strip is presented in Pictogram-a-rama-vision for your increased enjoyment. (Seriously, it’s better them Blu-ray.)

(Here’s a post on the origin of the Arguing Couple.)

He said, she said

January 25, 2009

The strip up on today was the first featuring, what I called in my own mind, “The Arguing Couple.” This “fight” was actually based on friends of ours jokingly squabbling about salted vs unsalted butter while making a shopping list during a late night drive back from another friend’s wedding. Rarely did something that occurred in real life make its way into the strip in such a whole way, but it did here. (I did spruce up the verbiage a bit, but I do believe “It’s dirty and it’s wrong” was part of the original conversation.) After this strip, if I came up with a gag that seemed disagreement based, I’d put it in their mouths. (And, yes, those are caricatures of them.)

The inside joke is that our friends are not an “arguing couple” at all.