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Free Comic Book Day – A look back

May 12, 2009

OK, so it was only a week and a half ago, but still…

Here’s a photo of me working hard…signing something or drawing something…hidden behind an easel at Comix Connection on May 2. They have two locations – one in a mall and one in a plaza (or strip mall). I was, obviously, in the mall-one. And actually, not in, but outside the store proper cuz they were very busy. (See these photos.)

The plaza-one had Star Wars reenactors outside (as you can see here). I did not create the same kinda pandemonium (or any sort of “monium,”  for that matter).

Comix Connection

May 4, 2009

I had a great time Saturday at Free Comic Book Day at Comix Connection. I had really been impressed by their store (and their staff) when I stumbled in for the first time a few months ago, looking for a Hellboy comic for my class. So I dropped them a line and asked about doing something and, voila.

I got there just before 10:00 and the joint was hopping. And there were a lot of families with kids, which was great since comic book stores can be a bit fanboy-centric. I was there for four hours, meeting people, drawing on Bo prints I was giving away…until I ran out. Then I drew on these odd cover sheets that the printer put around each and every copy of my Jack N. Box comic book (a pain to take off.)

It was pretty wonderful and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to Bill and Ned and their staff (Jared, Josh Jim and anyone else I’m forgetting) for having me.

Oh, did I mention that I did some shopping there? Well, I certainly did.

SPACE recap – Part 4

April 25, 2009
Click to view back cover

Ryan Claytor

(I’m going to do my SPACE recap in random posts throughout the next few days, as well as show art from some of the cool people I met there. Please click on it and visit their websites.)

Since SPACE is now a week-old distant memory, it’s time to wrap up my recap with some tidbits:

• Since I live in a small town without a bookstore, I asked my friend Jenny if there was a cool one we could go to in Columbus. We went to Half Price Books. This is the kind of economic model I like: spend money and get twice as much. (Notice that I didn’t say,” Pick out the books you want and pay half as much.”). Yep, I spent a lot there. Here’s what I got, in no particular order and from memory (since it’s a big heavy bag of books, it’s downstairs and I have a bad back.) Frank Miller’s Ronin, a James Sturm book, couple issues of Mome, Tank Girl, Anthology of Graphic Fiction, a collection of Stan and Jan Berenstain’s non-bear cartoons, a DVD of Flash Gordon movie serials and probably a few things I’ve forgotten

• I proved my unmanliness at dinner when Jenny pointed out that Payton Manning was sitting a couple of tables over. I know the Payton Manning is some sort of football guy, but you could point out any person short of a 12-year-old girl, tell me it is Payton Manning and I’d have to agree. Luckily, Jenny’s boyfriend Chris was the same way. Because of our collective lack of testosterone, Jenny had to call one of her “real man” friends who would appreciate such an occurrence.

• On Sunday night we watched my Flash Gordon DVD and another movie Jenny had that no one else would watch with her – “Comicbook-The Movie.” (Straight to DVD, directed my Mark Hamill, filmed mostly at the San Deigo ComiCon, starring a load of cartoon voice talent.) Y’know, how one’s interest in certain subject matter can carry one through a piece of entertainment more so than “regular folk”? That didn’t happen here.

SPACE recap Part 3

April 24, 2009

James Anderson

(I’m going to do my SPACE recap in random posts throughout the next few days, as well as show art from some of the cool people I met there. Please click on it and visit their websites.)

I was part of a panel last Saturday called “The Adventures of a Working Class Syndicated Comic Stripper” along with Jeff Stahler (“Moderately Confused” and editorial cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch) and Steve Boreman (“Little Lost Dog”). I was actually sort of “hosting” it since I’d proposed the panel, so I felt responsible for it and, thus, came up with questions/topics for us to talk about and the like. So, I was a bit disappointed when the three of us walked into the panel room and there were only two people there. I’ve never seen it written down anywhere but I’m guessing a key guideline might be that the panelists shouldn’t outnumber the audience.

But a few more people dribbled in and in the midst of it we probably had around twenty-five. Not too bad.

I was a bit worried that we’d run out of things to talk about rather quickly but that didn’t happen.

Jeff talked about being offered to take over the “spot” left by the “Berry’s World” panel with only weeks to spare. He also talked about his “Dear Dudley” strip which he did with a partner for only a year.

Steve talked about how he designed his strip so the production end of it would be relatively quick to balance his 60+ hour regular job.

I talked about a monkey or something.

We yakked for over 50 minutes and got to squeeze in some Q&A before getting kicked out for going too long. But, better too long than too short.

John Read from Stay Tooned Magazine will be transcribing the panel for an upcoming issue so keep your eyes peeled for that. (We’re going to edit out all the swearing though. Sorry.)

Next time: Why I am not a real man.

SPACE recap Part 2

April 22, 2009

Pat Lewis

(I’m going to do my SPACE recap in random posts throughout the next few days, as well as show art from some of the cool people I met there. Please click on it and visit their websites.)

Saturday morning starts with my bad back fighting me. I get moving enough but only after quality time with a hot bath and a muscle stim device. (Not at the same time, though.)

After driving to the SPACE place I get my books into the joint via a New York grocery/laundry cart. (It is an item I have never seen in “the wild.” My wife had one from her Brooklyn days.) It is cool candy apple red but has no steering capabilities whatsoever. Gotta point it where you want to go the first time or you’re out of luck.

I get set up…and then my memory starts to embarrass me. I meet my next-door neighbor Marek Bennett. The thing is, I’ve met him before at MoCCA. At least, that’s what he tells me. When he mentions that he had a beard at the time, the rusty tumblers of my brain fall into place. Same thing happens in almost the same way with neighbor-down-the-way Pat Lewis. (It was SPX instead of MoCCA, and there was no facial hair involved.)

It’s slow early on so we’re all “preaching to the choir” (in other words, it’s mostly exhibitors looking at each other’s stuff). One guy brings over a “Monkey Meets World” book that he carted with him just to have me sign. I’m truly touched. Another person bring a “Stormfeld” book I was in (edited by the late great Wes Alexander). A couple of people (well, two) read Bo online and bought my books, which made me feel great….

…until I walked into the panel room.

Next time: There’s quite an echo in this here panel room….panel room……panel room……..panel room……

SPACE recap – Part 1

April 21, 2009

Marek Bennet

Well, I’m back from SPACE (the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, not, y’know, the place with all the planets.) Since it’s a busy week ahead, I’m going to do my recap in random posts throughout the next few days (as well as run art from some of the cool people I met there. Please click on it and visit their websites.)

First off, I have a spectacularly hurting back. It’s been bad for a couple of weeks but really flared up just a few days before SPACE, which includes two things that backs just love: long hours of driving and lifting boxes of books.

I actually packed the car before going the chiropractor Friday morning then took a nap after my appointment but, in the end, the drive just about crippled me. Pain, walking crooked, not being able to support my own weight. (The last symptom resulted in my not shaving the whole w-end and looking like Gabby Hayes.) But the drive itself was OK. Fueled by Advil and Mountain Dew, I chatted (via cellular technology) with my parents and sister, a colleague and a former student. Took me about eight hours to get to Jenny Robb’s house. (She is the assistant curator of The Ohio State Cartoon Library & Museum.) As always, good to have friends is strategic places around the country for guest-room mooching

Next up: My memory fails me.

SPACE Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

April 13, 2009

If you’re going to be in the Buckeye State this weekend (specifically in Columbus OH), I’ll be at SPACE – the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (specifically at booth #129).

I’ll also be on a panel called “The Adventures of a Working Class Syndicated Comic Stripper” at 2:00 on Saturday, April 18 with Jeff Stahler (“Moderately Confused” and editorial cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch) and Steve Boreman (“Little Lost Dog”). None of us are (or in my case, were) at the top of the totem pole, so it will hopefully be a unique look at the syndication game. If you’re not going to be able to be there for the Q&A, feel free to send me topics that you think could be discussed.

(There’s a cool poster for SPACE that I saw…somewhere in e-land. If I find it, I’ll post it.)

Free Comic Book Day

April 7, 2009

Wondering where I’ll be on Free Comic Book Day? Wonder no more. I’ll be at Comix Connection in York, PA. I’ll have Bo Nanas and Jack N. Box comics to sell and, in the spirit of the day, I’ll be giving out signed Bo “prints.”

Is this agreat holiday or what?

Faculty show

January 21, 2009

I’ll be in the Visual Arts Department Faculty Exhibition at Gettysburg College that’ll run from January 22 to March 6. I’ll be showing originals of Bo Nanas, Jack N. Box, Great Scott and Me, Myself and my Puppet .

If you’re tramping around southern central Pennsylvania this week, the reception will be Thursday, January 22, 5-7 pm and there will be an artist’s talk Friday, January 23 at noon. (I believe snacks will be at both.)


The weather outside was frightful…

December 8, 2008

…but a good time was still had at the CD/book signing on Friday night. (And the weather wasn’t that frightful. It’s December. It’s the Northeast. Gotta deal with it.)

It was quite the week of shameless promotion what with papering our small town with posters, appearing in our local newspaper (my wife was in the newspaper twice on the same day – talk about shameless), culminating in an (yawn) early Friday morning appearance on our AM radio station. Then we got our blood drawn.

(What does that have to do with the signing? Nothing. But you’ve got to admit, the word “blood” sure made this boring recap seem more exciting for just a moment.)

Then came the moving of the books from home to Gallery 30, which in our paperless society, you would think should weight a little bit less.

There are two kinds of people I expected to come to the signing – people I know and people I don’t know, but all from our burg. What I didn’t expect was people I don’t know coming from a distance greater than one you’d walk on a December night in the Northeast…because, well, I’m just not that well-known. Yet Tim, who used to read Bo Nanas when it ran Sundays-only in the Washington Post, drove an hour to have me sign books for him. I was so thrilled that I had to give him one of the limited edition Bo Nanas buttons as a prize (which are limited because I didn’t get very many made).