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Free comic book day

May 3, 2013

I’ll be at my usual haunt, Comix Connection in York, PA, on Saturday, May 4, 11:00-2:00, signing books and stuff like that there. More info here.


Library thingy

October 20, 2012

Gosh, could I get any worse at blogging? Seems doubtful.

Case in point, I’ll be at the Adams County Library’s (Gettysburg PA) local authors weekend today and tomorrow, 1:00-4:00. And here I am telling you about it at 3:20 on the first day. Sheesh.

Free Comic Book Day

April 27, 2012

Did you know Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, the nerdliest holiday of them all? Once again I’ll be at the York, PA location of Comix Connections with plenty of Bo Nanas books…and free Bo Nanas prints that I’ll be signing.

Not only will there be free stuff, the good folks at CC also have a ton of sales going on and a canned food drive. Dig around their site for all the info.


March 1, 2012

Sorry about the late notice but if you happen to be in central Pennsylvania tomorrow, March 2, at noon, I’ll be speaking at Bucknell University in Lewisburg.

My cartoon-based installation, “Unbound,” has been hanging in the library stairwell there since last summer so I’ll be talking about that, Bo Nanas, MAD and cartooning in general. And I’ll have a few books with me as well.

Here’s the info.

We’re living here in Allentown…

November 17, 2010

An over-enthusiastic Mary Kay consultant and me at The Greater Allentown Comic Con.

Riding the Carousel…again

November 2, 2010

Explaining that my wife bought me the straightjacket for Christmas a few years ago (assisted by my lovely assistant Kriota Wilberg)

Here’s some more media stuff from the Carousel performance in September. I had put up a video of my straightjacket escape a few weeks ago. Here’s a longer video that is edited down but shows most of the cartoonists/performances from that night. (NOTE: Some of the content is Not Safe For Work)

Me reading some of my really, really funny cartoons (really)



October 12, 2010

Remember back a few weeks ago that I was going to NYC to be part of the cartoonist performance thingy called Carousel? Well, here’s a video of me getting out of a straightjacket. (Many thanks to John Beaman.)

You may ask what does a straightjacket have to do with cartooning. (A damn fine question, I might add.) Well, my new comic strip Infant Fred is wordless and it seemed more than a bit silly to read a silent comic to the audience. So I decided to try to escape from a straightjacket in the amount of time it would take the viewers to “read” 25 panels – about 2:05 minutes (based on 5 seconds per panel).

Did I escape? You’ll have to watch to find out.

(If you can’t see the video above, you can see it here.)

Start spreading the news…

September 14, 2010

Yep, I’ll be in NYC on Wednesday to be part of R. Sikoryak’s “Carousel.” It’s sort of a melding of comics and performance. I’ll be “performing” some stuff from MAD, Bo Nanas and my new strip Infant Fred. And, in what may be a first, I’ll be incorporating comics and a straight jacket escape. (You heard me.)

Free Comic Book Day recap

May 18, 2010

Please note my hot-rod red NYC laundry cart that I use to haul books around

Once again, I’m as timely as ever. It’s been over two weeks since FCBD and I’m just now posting about it. And my memory ain’t as facile as it used to be, but I’ll give it a go.

I did an appearance at Comix Connection and, man, they know how to do it up right. The whole reason for FCBD is to get people into comic book stores and, presumably, get them to come back. And how do you do that? CC had sales galore going on: 20% off everything. Still too pricey? How about $1 back issues (usually about $4). Not good enough, ya cheapskate? How ’bout all $1 comics at 10¢? There was a line out the door for the first two hours I was there.

I was signing free Bo prints (in the spirit of the day) and met some nice people including fan-of-the-day Phillip, who drove 90 minutes to meet me. Hope I didn’t disappoint. (E-mail me, Phillip, I lost your address.) A handful of students from my “Graphic Novel to Film” class showed up. I’d like to think I’ve inspired them to search out comics, but I feel their geekish tendencies were well in place.

I sold some books, which is always nice, but left with a much bigger stack of books, which is even nicer. They are piled next to my bed making dark-of-night visits to the little cartoonist’s room an adventure.

Many thanks to Bill, Ned, Jared and everyone at CC for my second FCBD there. HTDIANY (Hope to do it again next year).

Free Comic Book Day appearance

April 21, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Gosh, I been such a crummy blogger this week. So to make it up to you, me and the nice folks at Comix Connection are going to join forces for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 1 at their York, PA location. Just like last year I’ll have free Bo Nanas prints, and books, and fun. (That’s right, you heard me. I’m bringing fun.)