FF – Fotographical Friday: Fill in the blanks.


Comics publishers make these blank covered comics (with logo) that are popular at conventions where one can get one’s favorite artist to draw on it.  

Or so I’ve been told. 

No one’s ever asked me to do this before. This tends to be more of a superhero comics thing. And when I’ve seen MAD ones, they tend to be done by your more “identifiable” artists – your Tom Richmonds, your Sergio Aragonéseseses. I’ve been doing work for MAD for about ten years (and proud to be one of the “usual gang of idiots”) but I’m not a recognizable “MAD name.”

Anyhoo, last weekend I was at the Comix Connection’s Creators’ Cookout (and Alliteration Festival), eating a lot of meat barbecued by Deadpool artist Mike Hawthorne (the kinda guy who’s drawn on more blank covers than the number of meat treats he’s cooked for fans over the years at CC’s CC), handing out comic pages, drawing for folks, when Counter Monkey Jesse brought over two blank cover MADs for me to draw on. 

Now usually what a “real” MAD artist would do is whip off a drawing of Alfred E. Neuman. I haven’t practiced my Alfred at all because I’m never in this situation. So I drew my most “famous” MAD characters from “Me, Myself and my Puppet,” and “Shishka Bob,” who’s appeared a grand total of one time (but, spoiler alert, he’ll be showing up twice more very soon.)

The MADs were added to the prizes for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank collection contest. I know there was a certainly more desirable item from Mike Hawthorne included, but I was honored to add to the pile. 

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