Pre-enjoyed (I assume)

I have one place I have to go to when I’m in the Big New Apple City of York – the Strand Bookstore. Lots of new and used books, all discounted. When I started going there in the 1980s there was a negligible comics/cartoon section – a couple of shelves as long as my arm. Now it’s two huge walls and miscellaneous shelve-y things.

I was there in January, digging around, looking for treasure as usual when I found a copy of my Bo Nanas book, Monkey Meets World. I was surprised because, well, there aren’t a lot of copies out there. It went out of print pretty soon after it was published. As someone at the publishing company recently said, somewhat woefully, “It did not do well.”

I didn’t plan this as a shill but…if you just must have a copy, click here.


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