Suffering for my art


So it was Saturday and I had to get a painting to a show site in a half an hour. No problem really. It was in the shed and all I had to do was attach wire to the back for hanging purposes. When I was out there I realized I would have to cut the wire to its proper length. And why go all the way back to the house to get the wire cutters when you can improvise? Was going to use the grass clippers but I couldn’t find them. Then I drug the wire back and forth along the edge of a paving stone to little effect. That’s when I brought out…THE HATCHET! Put the wire on a two-by-four and, whack. Nothing. Second time. Whack. Nothing. Third time…well, you can see where this is going, can’t you? In the end I lost a teeny bit of the end of my thumb but gained one of those nifty bracelets they give you in the ER.

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