Happy post-holidays


So it’s been a week since New Year’s Day – I guess we could agree that the holidays are now officially over. (Our Christmas lights still being up is not a reliable indicator because, y’know, it’s not April yet.)

My holidays included the following:
Multiple trips to Target
Fever and vomiting
Meatless duck
Pez in stockings
Meeting some in-laws for the first time (after 12 years with my wife)
A facefull of wet sand
Russian tea cakes
And a teleporting dog

Cartoon-wise, my sister-in-law gave me Craig Thompson’s new graphic novel Habibi, my toddler gave me a DVD of Kick-Ass and I gave myself a Captain America lunchbox. (Almost-superhero-but-not-comics gift: the sequel to the pakour action movie District B-13 (also known as “the French jumping movie”) from my father-in-law. Humor-but-not-comics gift: John Hodgman’s new book That Is All from my wife.)

On New Year’s Day I went to my fav comic book store, Comix Connections for their “progressive sale” where every day selected items are discounted more and more. I went there the last day when it was 90% off. I usually don’t wait this long for fear of it being picked over. But I did pretty good.

On my way home that night I stopped at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and found the above high-end Al Jaffee book for just $2.99. A bargain indeed, so if you’re in the east stop into one of the stores. It’s a new year and you might have some good luck.

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