I’m gettin’ married…

…in a comic strip.*

When my wife and I were about to be married I knew I needed to get ahead on the strip so I figured, hey, why not mine my own life? (After all, it is mine.)

So I had Bo go to the movies only to find out that there was a wedding going on. (We were indeed married in an old movie theater.) And every day he talked with a different one of our friends. They are, in order: Tim, Chuck, Charlotte, and Alex with her son Leon.

The last strip ends with us kissing, and it ran on the day we were married. (Awww.)

You can read it all starting here.

(The series was rerun a few weeks ago on Gocomics.com but I was having blog trouble, then the holidays showed up…)

*sung to the tune of “I’m Getting Married in the Morning”…if you feel like singing.

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