Looking back. Looking forward.


So I’m digging in many piles of papers to get my taxes in order and I flip through last year’s date book and find this. It’s a sketch done on the due date of our son’s birth. But he is my son afterall, so he was late.

You may recognize this as my standard baby drawing. It started developing in a piece of promo art I did years ago.

Then in my comic strip Bo Nanas this look became more stylized and became Baby Karl. Bo would babysit him occasionally.

Early on I did the Sunday strip below with a version that would become Karl. (This was on the back cover of the Monkey Meets World book.)

I ripped off the look for Infant Fred, my new comic strip app for hand-held devices. (It was supposed to come out last Fall but there were some difficulties. It should be out by the end of the year. Fingers cross. Feel free to sign up for updates.)

For my Dadding Badly strip, I wanted a looser style and the drawing of my kid just ended up looking less generic and more like him, which is as it should be.

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