Studio baby-proofing update

I talked about baby-proofing my studio (here and here) so my crawling son could roam while his old man worked. (And yes, I wasn’t joking when I said my paper cutter was at perfect kid height. It was on an old library card catalog sitting on the floor – about 1.5 feet high.) Now that it has been beta-tested, here’s the problems…er challenges:

1. The whole idea of jamming books in tight enough on the shelves so he can’t get them out? Doesn’t work with paperbacks. Their covers are too slippery. He’s going right for my 70s Doonesburys. Possible solution: Strips of molding across the front of shelves. (Haven’t gotten around to it yet.)

2. The boy loves cords. So even though I pushed all the computer stuff (Yes, I still have a tower) over under the desk, he is drawn to it like a fly to a pie. Possible solution: The small set of drawers I tried just didn’t block enough. I’ve taken a bamboo mat and have encircled the tech like a fence. Has not been field tested.

3. Sensing his father’s addiction to TV, the boy is fascinated with the DVD player and VCR. (Yes, I still have a VCR. Two, as a matter of fact.) Possible solution: I bought a wire mesh self thingy at Target, turned it on its side and put it in front of the “fun.” I can still use a remote through it, but tis true that little fingers could do the same. Has not been field tested.

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