Toilet paper mystery winners

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Dadding Badly comic strip that wasn’t exactly clear about what was happening. This was to mirror my own confusion in said comic strip. And instead of just explaining it, I figured it’s be more fun to make it into a contest and see who could guess what the heck was going on.

If you haven’t seen the comic, here it is. Take a look at it, then come back. We’ll wait.


OK, so, I didn’t think it would be so easy to figure out that it was my kid messing with the toilet paper, so my wife had to move it…all of which I didn’t know. The first ten people who guessed this will get an original Dadding Badly drawing personalized to them. (And, just for fun, I’m going to have my son sign it too.)

The interesting thing is, no one got it completely right by naming the specific situation in which my wife moves the TP out of my son’s reach – it’s when she’s holding him…well, there’s no way to put this delicately…while she’s sitting on the toilet. (She actually moves it to the window sill, but it was easier to show it on the toilet’s tank.)

Here are the winners. Thanks to all who wrote in. (You can see all the guesses here as well.)

Andrew Shuping
Alexander Danner
Katie Hart
Allen Brady

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