Back in the saddle…



Summertime…and the blogging is easy…

But the traveling is hard. The reason that my blogging has been so sporatic in the last couple of weeks is that I been on the road – two weeks straight, three different states, cross-country, planes, trains and automobiles…and a ferry. I had a couple of posts scheduled, but it hardly filled the maw of the blog.

I’ve actually been home for a week, trying to catch up and do things like get my studio in some sort of shape so my kid can crawl around in it. It’s the only place left in the house that is not kid-proof.

The main starting place was the book shelves. See how different they look? Of course you can’t. They look exactly like they did before…to the naked eye. Some book cases have been moved ,and all have been bolted together to prevent fall-overness. And because of a good years worth of new purchases hadn’t been shelved at all, there was some nerdily reorganizing nedded. (“Should the Allan Moore books go in the Foreign section because he’s from England, or should that just be for foreign language comics? Oh no, what about the English translations of foreign language comics?! Dang, now I’m going to have to set up a whole other sub-section. What a world.What a world…”)

The plan revolved around leaving the bottom one or two shelves empty. My wife suggested leaving books there but jamming them in tight enough that the boy would be foiled in his de-booking attempts. Great idea. Saved me some trouble.

But I spent six hours on this task and it looks like I did nothing.

And it’s not like the studio is finished. Take a look at the pic below. That’s the other side of the studio, where the paper cutter is conveniently at child-height.


2 Responses to “Back in the saddle…”

  1. Marek Says:

    True, true, you could always rearrange your books to reflect stages of child development, so as the creature grows he’ll keep discovering new bodies of suddenly relevant comics literature…

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    Man, that’s a good idea.

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