Dept of Nepotism – Play It Again, Swig

My sweet, brilliant wife is concert pianist and she started a podcast in January called Play It Again, Swig all about getting her chops back after giving birth to our kid. The weekly podcast follows her practicing as she learns the Chopin etudes…which may sound all high-falutin’ but it’s quite accessible, even to a dullard like me. You can find it on itunes too so, download away.

And how does this relate to cartooning, you may ask? I designed her logo.

2 Responses to “Dept of Nepotism – Play It Again, Swig”

  1. Marek Says:

    Nice… but how does it look on a matching coffee mug + t-shirt gift pack?

  2. KOVALESKI Says:

    In the spirit of selling-out, it looks great!

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