Summer T-shirt Spectacular!! Part 4

Ug. This is embarrassing.

Here I am, trying to prove that I’m not a cartoon t-shirt dork, and then here I was on Tuesday, yet again wearing another dreaded t-shirt.

But I ask you, is it really a cartoon tee?

As you can see from the photo I was wearing a pre-distressed Corn Flakes shirt that I got from Five Below. (Yes, in Summer T-shirt Spectacular!! Part 2 I wore another pre-distressed Corn Flakes tee that I bought at Five Below…but this one has rad Asian lettering.) I don’t think of it so much as at “cartoon” as a “graphic translation.”


I got all sweaty mowing the lawn in the evening and took a quick shower before going out to a movie. I was running a bit late so I grabbed this clean shirt…

Once again, allow me to defend myself. This was a birthday gift from my brother and his family, and I happen to like the blue-on-blue design, even though it’s DC characters and my nerd heart is tattooed with the words “Make Mine Marvel.”

The trouble was that the movie I was going to was “Thor.”

Yep. I was THAT guy, wearing a superhero tee to a superhero movie.

And then today I put on this tee along with my bathing suit to play with my kid in the sprinkler. But there is a “cool factor.” Sesame Place is an amusement park in Japan and I got this t-shirt during a merchandising seminar as part of the Washington Post Writers Group’s FineToon Fellowship (which let to the syndication of Bo Nanas.)

And, to hopefully salvage my wardrobe rep, here’s the t-shirt I wore tonight for a on-the-lawn music thing. Art-o-mat is maybe the coolest thing ever. Old cigarette machines retooled to dispense art. (Check out the link for a much better idea of how this works.)



My wife and I were both part of this in 2005. I made special edition Bo Nanas strips with an original drawing. My wife made matchbox shrines (below).

One Response to “Summer T-shirt Spectacular!! Part 4”

  1. Katie Hart Says:

    There’s also a Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. I went there a couple times as a kid. It was awesome! Maybe something to think about now that you are a daddy? Huge furry costumed things are great ways to terrify a toddler. :)

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