Summer T-shirt Spectacular!! Part 1

Yep, it’s summer – the prime t-shirt wearing time of year. I am a cartoonist, and in many ways a cartoon geek, but not the kind of geek that wears a lot of cartoon t-shirts.

Or am I?

Today I put on the above t-shirt so I thought I’d post my shirt every time it’s a cartoon one (at least until they start repeating) and try to explain my way out of it so as not to look like as big a dork as fear I might be.

This is obviously an Underdog shirt. I watched the cartoon as a kid but was never a big fan (although Wally Cox as the voice of Underdog was a big plus). I like mottled gray shirts, I liked the design and its hipster pre-distressed look. And I like that it was $5 at my favorite store, Five Below.

To be completely vain about it, the coolness factor for a cartoon shirt is in reverse proportion to the popularity of the character. Underdog is a lot less popular than, say, Wolverine, so I probably wouldn’t wear a Wolverine shirt.

(Underdog also had a cool theme song, made even cooler in this version by the Butthole Surfers.)

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