Saturday is the new Sunday – Happy (not) birthday!

Yup, you guessed it. Here’s yet another probably-never-seen drop panel. This one is for the Sunday strip rerunning today on

Every year, on my wife’s birthday, I would do a strip featuring the Birthday Girl. This an incredibly self-centered woman, who resembles my wife only physically. In other words, this character is an in-joke that only a few people get. But, still, the main gag is written for “civilians.”

The year I did this strip I hadn’t realized that my wife’s birthday was landing on a Sunday, so I had drawn it up as a “daily” (one of the strips that runs Monday through Saturday.) It wasn’t until I was doing a batch of Sunday strips that I discovered my error and had to rearrange the elements to make it work.

Oh, and the house pictured is the one we used to live in.

And since doesn’t rerun the strips on the date they first appeared, today is not my wife’s actual b-day.

At least I hope it isn’t.*

*hackneyed husband humor

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