Music with art

Just got home from doing a wee bit of a talk about art, cartooning and meaning as a lead-in to the “music with art” piece Twilight of the Gods (music by Andrew Boysen, Jr, art by Erik A. Evensen) at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg PA. (You can check it out at Evensen site.) I spoke on the validity of comics/cartoons presenting serious subjects like this – a retelling of a Scandinavian myth about the apocalypse. (And you’re not going to get any more serious than the apocalypse.)

Here’s part of my shtick:

“The thing to remember is that comics is a medium, merely a way to get a story or idea across, same as a book, or theater, or movies. We don’t think of all movies as being about masked killers who hunt unfortunate teenagers on the night of their prom. That’s a horror movie. That’s a genre. We accept film as being a flexible enough form to contain a heartfelt drama about a young woman coming of age during the depression whose entire family is wiped out by a unknown and incurable disease but heroically faces adversity to live an enriching, inspiring life. Or a comedy about a police officer who puts on a fat suit to pose as very, very large woman which, somehow, helps him to fight crime.”

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