Village Voice illustration

If you pick up the Village Voice this week or check it out online you’ll see an illustration by me as part of their Comics Issue. I got to do one of the secondary illustrations for the main article about the state of cartooning. I was given a more or less free hand to do what I wanted with the 4″x4″ area and I ended up packing quite a lot into that space. Not that I was trying to, it just ended up that way. I thought it would be interesting to take a bunch of concerns about cartooning in this day and age and weave them through a true story that happened to me in Nicaragua. (Well, more or less. I condensed it a bit for clarity. Here’s my post on what happened.) happened.)

Above is the sketch I did. As you can see comparing it to the final below, some of the verbiage got changed. The only suggestion from the art director was to soften the last line.

Above is the the final art I drew then scanned. It’s 8″ wide – twice its finished size. I decided not to hand-letter the copy, opting to type it so it could be changed easily.

ARTIST: John Kovaleski A cartoonist/illustrator, he is the creator of the comic strip Bo Nanas and frequently contributes to Mad magazine. (,,

And here’s the final piece.

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