Saturday is the new Sunday – Two for one

Yep, I completely missed posting this oh-so-rare drop panel last Saturday, but I had a good reason – the wife was away and I was on my own with my 8-month-old son. And you may not know this but, babies need a lot of attention (and diapers, I come to learn). So I basically ignored just about everything that didn’t weight 20 pounds and think my leprechaun impersonation is hysterical for five days.

The drop panel above is for the Sunday strip that ran on last Saturday. The strip itself is pretty timely for me – a lot of strangers in public places will talk to me, out of the blue, just to tell me how cute my kid is. (The “Go Nanas” on the pennant comes from a joke my friends and I had in high school – that there should be a sports team call the Rillas so fans could yell, “Go Rillas!” Har, what cards we were!)

As for the Sunday strip rerunning today, I really like it. The shadowy point-of-view panel of the birds descending came off Hitchcockian enough. And the idea of birds putting out a book on a park bench as bait just tickles me. (The name of the author of the book is a friend of mine.)

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