St Patrick’s Day cover

Ever wonder how things work in the high-powered world of cartooning? Well, here you go…

I got an e-email from Cleveland Magazine last Wednesday inquiring about doing a cover illustration. It was for a St Patrick’s Day article about bars that are open early in the morning, and “regulars” vs “St .Paddy partiers.” Actually, the article hadn’t been written at that time (and I haven’t read it yet so its slant may have changed.) It was a day or two later that we got everything agreed to – the sketch was to be due on Monday and the final would be due the next Friday. The sketch is below. Most times I’ll do the initial sketch in just black and white, but there wasn’t a lot of time so I figured I’d throw some color in to speed up the process.

Late Monday they sent me their comments. They needed more room up top and wanted a bit more bar-like detail. And I ditched the windows in favor of a door because they wanted the idea of morning to be emphasized even more. (They suggested adding a clock too.) I sent out the sketch below on Tuesday. (You’ll see that with each version I made the sun rays more and more prominent to separate the group in the back from the hardcore drinkers in front.)

They responded on Wednesday with a couple of small notes – like making the door look more hand-drawn, less mechanical looking. There was some back and forth and I got the OK by Thursday. (Remember, it has to be finished by Friday – the next day.)

Here’s where the freelance life bumps up against real life. On Thursdays I’m watching my son most of the day, which can make it tricky to get work done. I was able to get only the pencil drawing completed. Then we had two things to go to that evening, so that time was not available. You’d probably think I’d just finish it Friday, right?. Well, unfortunately, Friday I had to take my wife and son to the airport, and I just couldn’t chance pushing it that far. So, after we got home from our events Thursday night, it was me, an ice bucket and a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew in my studio. It was after 3:00 AM by the time I was done. The final is below.

And here’s the cover with type added.

2 Responses to “St Patrick’s Day cover”

  1. D Says:

    Well, I think the end result is one fine cartoon illustration. Congrats and Happy St. Paddy’s Day.

  2. Gretchen Says:

    one more reason to LOVE Cleveland!

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