When the cat’s away…


What does a world-famous cartoonist do after dropping off his wife and baby at the airport for a 5-day trip to Florida?

He mopes.

Then he goes shopping.

Since airports tend to be around, y’know, cities, and I live in…not-a-city, I decided to hit some merchants that we just don’t have around our wee little town. Barnes and Noble, Five Below (kooky discount store), Five Guys Burgers and Fries (I, as a gluten sensitive being, gladly take a bullet to eat there), Comix Connection (a fav), Borders…

Did you know Borders filed for bankruptcy?

They are closing stores and have huge discounts. So I had to buy the books picutred above. I had no choice in the matter.

Did you know that they are not closing all of their stores?

That’s what I found out when I though I’d be a smart guy and drive to the next nearest Borders and found them not to be closing at all. And get this, all of their books were full price. The nerve.

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