Saturday is the new Sunday – Pizza! Pizza!


Another in an unending series of  probably-never-seen drop panels. This one is for the Sunday strip rerunning today on

This strip features one of only three (I think) of Bo’s reoccurring jobs – pizza delivery guy. (The other two are restaurant worker and Baby Karl’s babysitter.) I liked this job, but I didn’t use it often. Maybe a handful of times. (And if “handful of times” means one time for every finger, it’s probably less than that.) Why would I not want want to draw the super cool hat more often?

I was never that thrilled with my writing on Sunday strips. They always seemed weaker than my dailies. But I really like this one…and last week’s…and the one from the week before that. Tune in seven days from now to see if it’s four in a row. (The Vegas odds are “unlikely.”)

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