Comics go to the movies – Modesty Blaise

I’ve been watching streaming movies on Netflix an awful lot since getting my iPhone. It certainly comes in handy when you’re sick in bed. I had both back and stomach problems this weekend so I ended up watching Modesty Blaise from 1966, based on the long running British comic strip written by Peter O’Donnell (who died just last year). It concerns a thief who, with her platonic male companion, ends up a spy. Yep, a concept straight from the swinging 60s. The movie camps it up, not to an Austin Powers level, and not to a level of being, well, entertaining. Mostly it’s just incompressible.

I hadn’t read any of the source material…until today. In the spirit of being a well-informed blogger I dug out a reprint book that I bought at a holiday sale at my fav comics store, Comix Connection. I find adventure strips to be a tricky read but this was quite enjoyable. Seems like it would make a good movie…and maybe it already has.

In the early 00s a direct-to-DVD movie was made just so Miramax could extend their film rights for Quentin Tarantino. Alas, it’s not available for streaming. When I see it (someday) I’ll give you a full report.

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