The big question revisited

Can’t recall if I’ve posted this story before. If so, well, here we go again…

In 2004 I came up with a plan – to propose to my then-girlfriend Jocelyn in this Bo Nanas comic strip.  (This is not a wholly original idea. Mark Parisi had proposed to his wife Lynn in his comic panel Off The Mark – although, he may have done it before it was syndicated nationally.) I had checked it out with my editor…and with Jocelyn in a roundabout way. We were heading towards marriage but I wanted to feel out the situation, in a vague way,  to see if she was on the same timetable as me. (She was.)

On “P-day” I was visiting her in Brooklyn (I was living in Rochester NY), and I woke her saying that my editor had called and there was a typo in that day’s strip and, although we couldn’t fix it in the newspapers, we could fix it online. And would she proof it for me. (Like most cartoonists, I am a notoriously bad speller. It often took three people to proofread my work.) She didn’t have a computer so we went over to a friend’s apartment down the street. (I had already squared it with them.) We got in front of their computer – her sitting and me, quite accidentally, kneeling beside her. She actually read the strip quickly for typos before reading it for content. Then tears were shed, for both of us.

So ever 4-odd years this strip reruns and I get reminded of perhaps the one  time I really pulled off quite a feat.


One Response to “The big question revisited”

  1. Katie Hart Says:

    Proposal stories never get old!! Gosh I’m such a girl.

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