Ford Button

This is a very wonderful message from Ford Button’s daughter about what I wrote about him here.

I just found this out of the blue…WOW I am crying tears of joy as I write this…Thank you to you and everyone for the wonderful comments on my dad. A day does not go by that I don’t think of him. I miss him so much, but as I look at my children…Oh he lives on with them. John he loved you dearly.. He spoke of you all the time. Your talent, your friendship. He loved to teach. He was the same at home..we had no coloring books..we had to create our own design not color in someones. I am now a preschool teacher and am so blessed to have had parents who gave me so much in support to be my own person. I use the humor with my students as I watched Dad with his..I give hugs just like he did…Dad or Ford(loved his name) was truly a gift to us, who is missed but he is still with us all. He gave us all a little bit of him that we all hold dear in our hearts. God bless you John..this was such a wonderful gift to read and to share…Thank You
Connie Button Liberty

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