Reuben round-up – Part 3

One of the joys of the National Cartoonists Society’s annual Reuben Weekend is meeting other cartoonists, sometimes from all over the world. This year I met freelanceer Anton Emdin from Australia. When I found out that he does work for the Australian version of MAD (which has some “regular” content mixed with “homegrown”), I invited him along to the MAD office visit I was going do in a couple of days.

Anton and his wife Ash were already packed to fly home in a few hours when we stopped by and got a wonderful tour from Assistant Art Director Ryan Flanders.

Above we’re posing with a military-istic statue of Alfred that was in the movie “MAD Magazine’s Up The Academy.” When “National Lampoon’s Animal House” became such a big hit MAD publisher William Gaines wanted in. But when he saw the movie he sponsored he was horrified and paid to have any reference of MAD Magazine taken off of it, including this statue.

Anton got to add a drawing to the artist’s board of fame. Below is the drawing that I did a few years ago. (Here’s my experience doing that.)

(You can see that there’s a Sergio Aragones drawing below mine. This is the only time that my work will be above his.)

Ryan showed us a lot of art including a spectacular Jack Davis piece that, amazing enough, was not used. The editor actually asked it to be redrawn. Ryan isn’t sure why, but said that if there’s ever a fire in the office, this is what he’s going to grab.

Ryan was nice enough to spend about three hours with us and we left with a bunch of MADs and other comics (DC Comics owns MAD) and a song in our heart. (Well, I don’t know about that, but we had a great time.)

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