UPDATE: That was quick. All the art was spoken for in about six hours. (For those who e-mailed afterwards, I’ll be sending along sketches of Bo.) Thanks to all who responded.

You heard right, free.

As I’ve been cleaning out stuff in preparation for our first kid showing up, I ran across some art that I just don’t need anymore. But instead of tossing it I figured I’d give it away…to you! These are black and white ink drawings (later colored in PhotoShop) that were done for various freelance clients. Are they fantastic? Well, not really, but you might enjoy them. (Wow, I’m doing a great job of selling this, huh?) And I’ll sign it to you and draw a little Bo Nanas. And, to sweeten the deal, I’ll send along a copy of “The Case of the Big Copier,” a comic/mystery promotion created for a corporate client. (Yes, I have a lot of these I’m trying to unload.) And, I’ll pay the postage (in the US). Seriously, have you been offered such a deal recently? I have limited quantities (about 25), so please drop me a line here soon.


11 Responses to “FREE ORIGINAL ART FOR YOU!!!!!!!”

  1. Jim Smagata Says:

    I’d love an original, but I am in Canada. What can I do to lean you in my direction for mail?

  2. Keiko Giacona Says:

    Wow. I would love to take you up on your generous offer! What would you like in return?
    I am planning on going to Comic-con again this July… will you be there?

  3. Brenda Wiley Says:

    Congratulations on your first child. If you have any posters or comics left, I would love one. Thanks for the email.

  4. Dorian Says:

    Thanks for the tip, John! I sent you an email – hope I’m not too late.


  5. KOVALESKI Says:

    I still have a few left.

  6. KOVALESKI Says:

    Nothing – just happy to send it out. And I’m afraid I’m going to miss Comic-con this year.

  7. KOVALESKI Says:

    We’ll figure out something.

  8. Rob Harold Says:

    Your stuff is ALWAYS great! Would more than appreciate it! Thanks in advance (But if I am too late, thanks for the offer anyway!)

  9. KOVALESKI Says:

    You’re not too late. I just packed it up for you.

  10. Jeff Conner Says:

    Mr. Kovaleski,

    If there is anything left, I would greatly appreciate it. I sent you a separate email with my address. I live on a Navy base in Japan, but our mail is considered U.S. (FPO box).

    I love your strip, and thanks for the offer, even if it is too late!


    Jeff Conner

  11. Lewis Bower Says:

    You bring a smile to my face almost as big as the one when my wife learns what I paid a framer to safely and artistically protect a comic. Please help me bring that indescribable look on her face when she screams “You paid what for a cartoon?” I may hang it next to her mirror.

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