Cartoonist PROfiles ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

Cartoonist PROfiles by Gianfranco Goria.

This may be a moot post but I thought I’d still do it. I was at the great Strand Bookstore in NYC two weeks ago and saw that they had about 10 issues of Cartoonist PROfiles.

Cartoonist PROfiles was a quarterly magazine published by cartoonist Jud Hurd from 1969 until his death in 2005. Before the internet, it was near impossible to find out anything about the cartooning world so PROfiles was like manna from heaven to a wannbe cartoonist. (In it’s last year, an article on me appeared and it was such a thrill.) It was mostly distributed by subscription so it was tough to find it in any comics stores, and even more impossible to find it now, which is why I’m posting this.

Here’s how to find them, if they’re still there. Go up to the second floor. Face the big wall of cartoon/comics books. Turn around and you’ll be facing a low shelf. That’s where they are…were…whatever.

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