Thursday is the new Sunday – Forever young

The Sunday strip that’s rerunning on today touches on a subject that has been very popular with our family in the last year – adult-size feetie pajamas.

My wife, a tried-and-true thrift store shopper, saw a pair in a Salvation Army and bought them, without trying them on, just to make me laugh. Then she found out they fit her and she the loved them. While Christmas shopping last year we bought feetie pjs for her sister just for a joke…and she found out she loved them, too.

(This strip is also rather appropriate cuz, with the impending birth of our kid, we’re living in a sea of onesies.)

The unseen-until-now drop panel makes me think of the very first big graphic design job I did out of college, over 25 years ago. It was for a book written by my former high school English teacher Steve Clarke, a giantgantic reference book for the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L. Sayers.

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